This dark, gloomy, serene place
has been the home of writers since eternity.
A place where God sends you
to halt and attain Nirvana.

A place where you appreciate the reasons of Failure, rejoice your trials by attaining the wisdom of Unseen. Spectacle over the ugliness of a beautiful human body you called Eternal Love. Gain the strength to overcome the seperation and relish the memories.

You can sit for hours and days and months and year without feeling Hunger or Thirst for the atmosphere provides you the nourishment your soul needs. You start getting inspiration, an unknown spiritual voice urging you to write and converse with the world. TELL YOUR FEELINGS.

So, you look towards the wall and write.
You write sonnets and songs.
Poems of flower in love with thorns.
Stories unheard.
Letters with wise Words
Romance or philosophy,
Fairy Tale or Mythology,
Crime or Success Story,
Mystery or True History.
You soul chooses the inspiration.
And you keep writing fiction vs non-fiction.

So not all writers are heartbroken. BUT they are the residents of the VIRTUAL HOUSE OF LONESOME.


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